Twidley Bits Wholesale Opportunities

Offer our small batch, locally-made plant-based cheeses, jams, fruit butters and pickles to your customers!

What Are Twidley Bits?

We take the best the seasons have to offer and turn them into scrumptious Jams, Fruit Butters, Pickles and Plant-Based Cheeses that your customers will enjoy all year long.


Plant-Based Cheeses

Satisfy your cravings for cheese with our rich, savory Plant-Based Cheeses.



Explore Twidley Bits wide variety of pickles, perfect for snacking, piling, or enhancing.


Fruit Butter

Enjoy the sweet, delicious flavors and wonderful textures of Twidley Bits’ fruit butters.



Discover and delight in deliciously-blended jams perfect for any season or occassion.

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