Blueberry Fig

Blending the best of both seasons, this blueberry fig jam will help you welcome in autumn as you bid a fond farewell to summer.

Strawberry Prosecco

A welcome addition to any Sunday Funday brunch!

Grandma Wilma's Favorite

A dear friend's grandma would send him out berry picking every summer. Grandma Wilma's favorite combination was sweet blackberries mixed with tart raspberries. Hopefully it will be your favorite, too!

Apricot Almond

A delightful combination of luscious apricot and toasted almonds will have you and yours asking for seconds.

Peach Bourbon Vanilla Bean

This workhorse is wonderful on toast, muddled into a cocktail, or baked in a cobbler.

Thanksgiving in a Jar

You don't have to wait for the holidays to enjoy this cranberry sauce, but the blend of fresh cranberries, bright orange zest, crisp Granny Smith apples married with fragrant spices will have you feeling nostalgic in no time.