Garlic Dill Pickles

Crispy, crunchy cucumber pickle spears highlighted by bright, fresh dill and aromatic garlic in an apple cider vinegar brine. Described as a “gentle pickle,” all the flavors are allowed to sing. A fan favorite!

Product Size: 12 oz.

Serving Size: 28 g. (About 2 to 3 spears)

Ingredients: Pickling Cucumbers, Apple Cider Vinegar, Water, Sugar, Garlic Cloves, Fresh Dill, Salt, Yellow Mustard Seed, Dill Seed, Pickle Fresh

Allergens: Processed in a facility that also processes tree nuts.

Shelf Life: Store in a cool dark place unopened up to 2 years; Refrigerate after opening and use within 3 months.


Serving Ideas


Serve next to your favorite sandwich or burger.


Nestle in a bun for your next Chicago-style hot dog.


Dice and add to your favorite dip for a twist.