Fruit Butter

Enjoy the sweet, delicious flavors and wonderful textures of Twidley Bits’ fruit butters.

Image of Apple Butter by Twidley Bits

Apple Butter

MacIntosh and Granny Smith apples are cooked down with apple cider, brown sugar, and cinnamon sticks until smooth, spreadable and autumnally delicious.

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Image of Pear Butter by Twidley Bits

Pear Butter

A no-sugar-added product, juicy pears and apple cider blend with warm cardamom and cinnamon for a naturally sweet, spiced treat.

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Image of Pumpkin Butter by Twidley Bits

Pumpkin Butter

Blending the best of both seasons, this blueberry fig jam will help you welcome in autumn as you bid a fond farewell to summer.

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